Genghis Khan - 2010

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Genghis Khan - 2010

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By the Will of Genghis Khan stands out for unique scenic views. Filming locations embraced several sites in Russia (including Far East and Siberia) and Mongolia.

The most overwhelming of them being Verkhoyansk Mountains in Yakutia - the coldest inhabited spot on the Earth with registered minimum of stunning -72°C; Lake Baikal - the largest lake in the world, containing 23 per cent of the world’s freshwater reserves; Valley of the Kings in Khakassia - home of the legendary Salbyksky kurgan barrow; Altai - a center of the great nomadic culture; mystical Gobi Desert. It’s the first time that unmatched sceneries of Siberia and Mongolia are shown in the prime of their unique identity.

The movie is interlaid with dramatic stunts. Battle scenes involved hundreds of Mongolian horsemen, performing complicated stunts. Riders of Genghis Khan were embodied by thousands of Mongolian regular army soldiers, dressed in exact replicas of armour of the period. An international team responsible for staging and filming of stunts consisted of Solbon Lygdenov (Russia), Chen Qiang (China), and Chuluunbat Batbayar (Mongolia).

Authentic cast was another distinctive feature of this project. The cast mainly included descendants of ancient steppe inhabitants, who proclaimed Temujin a Genghis Khan - the people who now live in Mongolia, Tyva, Yakutia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Altai, Khakassia, Bashkortostan, and Tatarstan. As many as thirteen actors engaged in the movie have played the part of Genghis Khan in a variety of theatrical, TV, and film productions; for instance, Mongolian actor Orgil Makhaan who played Jamuka, a few years earlier had done the part of Genghis Khan in a BBC action documentary.


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